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original painting - ACRYLIC : SURI RUMAHTANGGA by Shaparel



17x25 inch (22x30.5 inch - with frame)


Shaparel belongs to a group of young artists who have taken nature to heart, inspired by the works of a slightly older Jaafar Taib, the supreme master of contemporary Malaysian landscape. Shaparel and his friends who camp in the Belum jungle, in a series of expeditions in the last few years. They all see nature as an unending source of subject matter, be it the dense thickets, or the flickering of reflections, or the burgeoning of twigs, or the gush of falling stream, or the fringe of weeds that somehow embodies the serenity with which their souls are at ease - quoted from Pusaka Rimba

Size: 17x25 inch (22x30.5 inch - with frame)

Shipping: Flat cost to all buyers - USD195.00